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  Mrs D: Richard Webb

I am pleased to recommend this fascinating book about a sculptress wokring in the eighteenth century by historian Richard Webb.


Modelling the Head in Clay : Bruno Lucchesi

Renowned contemporary sculptor Bruno Lucchesi takes a single life-size head through all the stages of rough in, modeling, refining the surface, and finishing and texturing, enabling the reader to see exactly how he positions and models every detail. The book demonstrates not just highlights of the creative process, but every step from beginning to end.

Modelling the Figure in Clay : Bruno Lucchesi

For thirty years, "Modeling the Figure in Clay" has been an indispensable anatomical resource for people who think, see, and understand form best in the round: sculptors. In the thirtieth anniversary edition of this classic work, master sculptor Bruno Lucchesi invites you on a guided tour of the human form.


An atlas of animal anatomy for artists by W.Ellenberger:

Easy-to-follow instructions accompany 288 detailed, accurate illustrations of horses, dogs, cats, lions, cattle, deer, and other creatures. Each animal is depicted in a full external view as well as in beneath-the-skin drawings of musculature and skeletal structure. This classic reference has been enlarged with plates from the works of Stubbs, Straus-Durckheim, and Cuvier and Laurrillard.